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Keith Hilling


Dick Hilling writes:


Many years ago when serving in the RAF my bosses had the foresight to further train myself and colleagues. I did a number of excellent training courses with an organisation called The Association of Psychological Therapies (APT).


One course on Post Trauma Stress run by a superb presenter Marion Preston took place in September 1990 in London. My memories are of realising the significance of Critical Incident Debriefing with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.


Also a visit to the Freud Museum has had a lasting impact on me - a brilliant place to visit which sadly may be seen as second league compare to other inspiring museums in London. Also the role play was interesting, powerful and emotional considering the content. The positive morale and friendliness of students enhanced by good tutor leadership helped.

Further courses by APT would introduce me to FREDA which I will explain more in the coming weeks.


The Thanet Phobic Group celebrated their 40th Anniversary last year. I first came in contact with Sylvia Hadley the Chairman of the group) way back in 1992. Sylvia was part of a comprehensive Flying Phobia Programme that successfully got people flying following significant traumatic events concerning people flying. This programme was implemented by the RAF Psychiatric Services at the Behaviour Therapy Unit at Princess Alexandra’s RAF (Hospital) Wroughton between 1991 and 1995. What I remember about Sylvia is her encouragement, empathy and humour in helping people to “face their fears” before embarking on their Fear of Flying Programme at Wroughton Hospital.


What is the STG’s mission?

  1. To hold an AGM
  2. To hold further workshops on Post Trauma Stress and Gulf War Syndrome - TBA
  3. Update STG website on a six weekly basis.
  4. Encourage new members to join the our group, and to hold further scones, tea, or coffee sessions at Lydiard Park Conference Centre.
  5. The making still of a film to help educate and empathise with those with an interest in trauma as well as survivors.

Appearing on our website is an update on the Links page and information from local and national papers concerning trauma and sometimes the consequences Post Traumatic Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


When I served in the first Gulf War one of the support systems I found invaluable was The British Red Cross - Coping with Personal Crisis. An update of the pamphlet is highlighted on the STG Website courtesy of the British Red Cross. Also included are references to to excellent books and films.

There are self help books for survivors of trauma available at Swindon libraries which can be used as an excellent adjunct to CBT and Critical Incident Debriefing.


The history of the STG group and information on counselling, and CBT (Cognitve Behaviour Therapy) will be appearing in the website soon.


As chairman of the Swindon Trauma Group I hope over the coming weeks, months and years that people will find the website interesting and for friends of the Swindon Trauma Group, who are asking we will continue to hold our Annual successful Conferences.

Here’s to the future.

Best wishes

R.W. Hilling ARRC
Chairman Swindon Trauma Group

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