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     Running for Parliament and STG!

STG members are delighted that Sarah Church, Labour Candidate for South Swindon, is running the Swindon Half Marathon for STG. Date Sunday 3 September 2017. The money will go towards another excellent Mental Health First Aid course run by Doctor Richard Castle.

    The plan is to run the course in 2018 at a venue yet to be decided.

    For those wishing to donate please click here


STG 8th Annual Conference

Addressing Historical and Contemorary Concepts for Treatment of 

Post-Traumatic-Stress (PTS) and Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD)

On Friday 6 October 2017, Swindon Trauma Group (STG) will be holding our 8th Annual Conference at the Swindon Marriott Hotel.

The author, David Kinchin describes PTS and PTSD as the “Invisible Injuries”. Frank Parkinson, whose new book was out this July, and Professor Gordon Turnbull both refer to the ancient Greek author Herodotus writing in the 5th century BC, who mentions the devastating reactions of some soldiers to war and combat. The word ‘trauma’ comes from a Greek word meaning to ‘hurt’ or ‘wound’ but could also mean to ‘pierce’ or ‘puncture’.

The STG conference will address and consider if there are various areas for treatment and debriefing for PTS and PTSD including support for survivors and carers.

Presenting at the Conference will be Doctor Richard Castle, Caroline Purvey who is running a local workshop on  Saturday 7th October (further information at www.treuk.com), Justin Havens, Leon Flower, Dick Robinson, Jane Cordell, Consultant Psychiatrist Walter Busitill and army veteran Olly Church. There is also an evening dinner in the hotel restaurant and special rates if attendees book in advance by visa for those who want to stay overnight on the Friday evening. 

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Video by Justin Havens

STG presenter Justin has produced a video to help those affected by traumatic events, especially with disturbed sleep.

Click here to watch the video : Psychological Support for Manchester



Swindon Trauma Group 3rd Annual Draw at Swindon Basepoint

Friday 10 March 2017

The draw at Basepoint was very successful in which £155-00 was raised including donations.

Members of STG would like to thank Swindon Basepoint for their support particularly Sandra who kept members and visitors well supplied with tea, coffee, biscuits and very nice mini cakes. We had a number of visitors including a lady from Bridgwater which STG members much appreciated.

Also a thank you to the sponsors who were:

Basepoint Swindon

Swindon Marriott Hotel

Lydiard Park Conference Centre

Asda West Swindon

Cineworld Shaw Ridge Swindon

Tesco’s Express Shaw Shops Swindon

 Coffee#1 Canal Walk Swindon

Swindon Trauma Group

The money raised will help with running of STG’s activities including day to day running of group and planning for the 8th Annual Conference at the Swindon Marriott Hotel on Friday 6 October 2017





News from Across the Pond

Recallreport.org covers the following types of information: Veterans that served in the US military, in active duty, face unique challenges both while on duty and when they arrive home and then re-enter civilian life. People with mental health problems also face challenges, albeit in a different category.

Veterans and mental health patients very often depend on medication to help them in dealing with physical and psychological illnesses. As well as students in the US students in UK from a very young age as well as at University have many challenges to face which may lead to psychological problems. Recall Report deals with very substantially with how drugs can affect the human body- highlighting side effects, recalls, alerts and health information. The comprehensive site highlights in a reassuring way pitfalls people may encounter when taking medication.

Of particular interest is the information on the antidepressants SSRI’s, which can be of great benefit to patients, but patient’s need to be aware of side effects. The information on Valium (Diazepam) is useful, although it’s use as a muscle relaxation under medical supervision cannot be underestimated.

ThePreventionCoalition.org - The Prevention Coalition was founded by a group of retired school counsellors and therapists to provide accessibility to prevention resources for those afflicted by addiction. This is an excellent resource for parents, teachers, counsellors and other concerned adults of young people and their loved ones when faced with drug abuse.

AlcoRehab.org - The AlcoRehab team is a group of professionals who are passionate about  helping those struggling with alcoholism. Provide free support and resources for people fighting an alcohol addiction and their loved ones.

AlcoRehab highlights that there are around 240 million people worldwide addicted to alcohol and their goal is to reduce this number. AlcoRehab is an information hub providing up to date sources for those needing help.

www.emergencydentistsusa.com/dental-care-resources-for-veterans    Dental Care Resources for Veterans is a excellent site which reinforces in a most positive way the service armed forces regulars, and veterans have made to their country (The United States of America). It goes through comprehensively how serving members, veterans and their next of kin can resource dental health care.

There are good links to the US Department of Veteran Affairs.


ROb and Dick manning the STG information stand at ASDA West Swindon Dick and Rob on duty at our information stand at ASDA West Swindon


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